Family Stew for Dads: Building a Family with an Egg Donor & Surrogate

Olivia’s two dads tell her the charming story of how they became a family through egg donation and surrogacy. Along the way, Olivia hears the fascinating details about all the ingredients that went into creating her family. This vividly illustrated and humorous children’s book is a wonderful way for children to learn about their origin.

Family Stew for Dads is a sister book to Family Stew for Moms. Both books share the same narrative and illustrator, though Family Stew for Dads is about family building through egg donation and surrogacy, while Family Stew for Moms is about a family created through sperm donation.

Fully illustrated and written for children ages 7–12, this book is great to share with your entire family.


For years, lesbian and gay couples have vehemently fought for the same personal and societal rights to enter into loving marriages as heterosexual couples. They also struggled to obtain the same legal rights to have families of their own, be it through adoption or assisted reproductive technology (ART).

Finally, in 2015, their dreams were realized with the United States Supreme Court mandating states to perform and recognize marriage for same-sex couples. And in 2012, same-sex couples were given the same legal rights as heterosexual couples to have both parents’ names listed on birth certificates. Leaps in medical technology and ART have now enabled gay men to have a genetic connection with their children with the use of their sperm, an egg donor, and a gestational carrier.

Yet, opposition to same sex marriages and parenting still exists, with claims that homosexuality is unnatural and that children would do better if raised by a heterosexual couple. In fact, scientific research refutes such claims, reporting that children have fared no differently in reaching their developmental milestones, in their social skills, or in their self-esteem than those raised by heterosexual couples. Good parenting is not influenced by sexual orientation but rather by one’s ability to provide a loving, nurturing home with open communication.

Limited resources exist to help support families engage in open and honest discussions on how their children came to be. It is my hope that Family Stew for Dads will be used as a tool to begin this very important dialogue.


I dedicate this book to the many wonderful dads who have wanted to build a family and experience the joys of parenthood. I congratulate all who have fought so hard to obtain the right to marry and have children. May this book assist you along your journey, and may it be helpful as you share with your children how they came to be. It is my honor to have known you.

Family Stew for Dads: Building a Family with an Egg Donor & Surrogate
by Linda Stamm
illustrated by Fátima Stamato
Paperback, 24 pages, 8″ x 10″
Full Color with Illustrations
Ages 7–12
Release: October 1, 2019
ISBN 9781938313264
Published by Graphite Press