Highlighting the understanding that children can come to be in many ways, “Celebrate Being Born” was written for families created via surrogacy. The song recounts this unique way of having a child, bringing joy and relevance to the emergence of a loving new family.

“Celebrate Being Born” takes children created through surrogacy on a musical journey unique to their own family. The song is a great musical companion to Harry the Helper, Dr. Linda Stamm’s book for children that recounts the story of a little boy and his family who use a gestational carrier to have a new baby.


“Celebrate Being Born”
A Song About Surrogacy

Produced & Arranged by Patricia Stamm
Music Composed by Patricia Stamm
Lyrics by Patricia Stamm & Linda Stamm
Music & Lyrics Copyright © 2016 by Patricia Stamm
Vocals by Danielle Bixby
Piano by Ross Gualco
Released by Graphite Press