The uniquely magical way that a child comes into this world is highlighted in “There’s so Much of Me in You,” dedicated to families created via egg donation. The music highlights a dream come true—a birth of love and joy, and the creation of a new family.

“There’s so Much of Me in You” is the perfect companion to the children’s book Phoebe’s Family by Dr. Stamm. The song takes children created through egg donation on a musical journey unique to their own family.


“There’s so Much of Me in You”
A Song About Egg Donation

Produced & Arranged by Patricia Stamm
Music Composed by Patricia Stamm
Lyrics by Patricia Stamm & Linda Stamm
Music & Lyrics Copyright © 2016 by Patricia Stamm
Vocals by Jennifer Stamm
Piano by Ed Bogas
UPC 191061189589
Released by Graphite Press