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Ruby & Mommy: A Tale about a Single Mother & Sperm Donation

Ruby’s mom tells her the wonderfully unique story of how she came into being through sperm donation. Along the way, Ruby learns about how her mom sought the help of a sperm donor and doctor, as well as the ultimate good news of her birth into a warm and loving family.

Ruby & Mommy is a sister book to Phoebe’s Family and Scarlett’s Story. All three books share the same narrative and illustrator, though Ruby was born though sperm donation, Phoebe through egg donation, and Scarlett through embryo donation.

Fully illustrated and written for children ages 7–12, this book is great to share with your entire family.


Progress in medical science and assisted reproductive technology (ART) have for some time enabled couples to have a genetic connection with their children through the use of a sperm donor. Although such technology can readily help single parents, as well, there is still strong social stigma in some communities for single mothers who want to build a new family on their own. Nevertheless, a growing number of women are doing so.

Limited resources exist to help single mothers engage in open and honest discussions on how their children came to be. It is my hope that Ruby and Mommy will be used as a tool to begin this very important dialogue. This book is a tribute to women who make the choice to share their life and love with a child.


I dedicate this book to the many wonderful moms who have wanted to build a family and experience the joys of parenthood, and to their beautiful children who have brought such joy into this world. May this book assist you along your journey, and may it be helpful as you share with your children how they came to be. It is my honor to have known you.

Ruby and Mommy: A Tale about a Single Mother & Sperm Donation
by Linda Stamm
illustrated by Joan Clipp
Paperback, 22 pages, 8″ x 10″
Full Color with Illustrations
Ages 5–10
Forthcoming: December 1, 2019
ISBN 9781938313288
Published by Graphite Press